Maryland Teacher Technology Standards are standards that all Maryland Teachers are to be accountable for when teaching.  They are listed as follows:

1.  Information Access, Evaluation, Processing, and Application

2.  Communication

3.  Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues

4.  Assessment for Administration and Instruction

5.  Integrating Technology into the Curriculum and Instruction

6.  Assistive Technologies

7.  Professional Growth

All entries in this blog have tags to the standards which can be found in the tag cloud on the left tool bar.  For example, if looking for assistive technologies go to MTTS 6.  If searching for ideas to integrate into instruction go to MTTS 5.  To be aware of legal issues such as copyright, go to MTTS 3. 

For more detailed information, click the link above to the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards.  The site lists indicators and videos of sample projects that demonstrate each standard.