There have been various opportunities at MSS this year for technology growth. 

Inservice opportunties were available on “PowerPoint,” “Website Creation,” “WebQuests,” and “Social Bookmarking.”  A three-day inservice given by a leader from Carroll County Public Schools was given with an emphasis in technology integration in math and science.  Teachers from our school were represented at the Technology Showcase for the Archdiocese on March 3, 2008.  Most recently a group of teachers and Principal JoAnne Goecke have participated in a MSDE course hosted at our school through Title II funds. 

Some highlights are as follows:

Congratulations to those who have created a ClassJump site for your classroom website!  This allows each teacher to update the site at anytime without having to wait for the busy website administrator to upload.  Thanks to Sophie for doing an inservice on website creation.

Kudos to the members of the MSDE course.  Many have noted the benefits of the Microsoft Excel sources and Sharepoint.