The Generator Blog introduced me to PhotoSoup that is powered by Flickr. The best part about PhotoSoup is that it creates visual word puzzles. Where the “words” to search are unknown to the solver, but photos are given as clues. The photos fade in color when you find a word in the puzzle. You do not have to be a member of Flickr to create a puzzle or play as it uses photos from the Creative Commons only. However, in order to have better control of the puzzle you are making for your students, entering in your own photos would be the most appropriate for the subject-matter you are teaching. That way you can control the picture “words”/”tags” that are even vocabulary words your students are studying!  This has potential in all subjects and grade levels depending on if you allow PhotoSoup to create it or you create your own. In math, the person could have pictures of various geometric solids tagged or in science pictures of various stages of a butterfly’s life cycle or social studies different objects from Egypt or a country of study to know the products they import and export.