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After visiting the webslide tutorial and viewing the videos, proceed to make your first survey by going to the Survey Monkey main page.  Go to “Join Now for Free!” in order to create a username and password and set up a basic free account.  Start to make your first survey!

The following Survey Monkey resources are helpful to review before creating your first survey (if needed):

  1. Read the examples under “Design your survey.”
  2. Visit “types of questions.”  The peanut butter questions give examples of all types of questions.
  3. Visit “view example survey” which has an actual survey to take about Survey Monkey.
  4. Under Analyze Results, go to “view example report” in order to see results in graph format. 

Feel free to consult others or the Evaluation Project leader for more assistance. 


 Feed Play

Click on the box or go to the following link.  This is a collection of 8 websites that are useful before creating a survey with Survey Monkey or if problems arise during the creation of a survey. 

The websites are as follows:

1.  TechLearning article on surveys (background information on using surveys in education)

2. Online Assessment Tools (for background information on using surveys in education)

3.  Survey Monkey Help Center (frequently asked questions)

4.  You Tube video by Niki (up-to-date tutorial on Survey Monkey)

5.  You Tube video byMrC (very thorough directions on Survey Monkey)

6.  TeacherTube video (very fast play)

7.  Survey Monkey’s own Video Tutorials

8.  Survey Monkey slideshow by Maryanne Burgos (includes step-by-step directions and “cheat sheet” to create a survey)

 Note:  During the webslide if the message, “Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.” appears on the YouTube videos do not worry, the videos are both posted on the blog as Survey Monkey Tutorial and Survey Monkey Tutorial 2. 

Feel free to revisit any of the 8 sites on the Webslide at anytime for further review–just “pause” and “play” as if it was a VCR or DVD player.


This YouTube video is about 3 minutes long.  There is some background noise, however, this video is current and matches with the newest updates in Survey Monkey. 

This YouTube video is about 5 minutes long.  It is very thorough and goes through the step-by-step the basics of creating a survey.  Also included are educational examples. 

Check out these sites!

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