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After viewing the results from the initial needs assessment, the following two recommendations are being made as technology tools to use in assessment. 

Recommendation 1:  Survey generator

Tool:  Survey Monkey

The benefit of this tool is that by using survey generators most, like Survey Monkey, provide statistical data summaries automatically after the students answer the questions.  This will help teachers make better decisions because they are data driven.  Many teachers may be apprehensive by the name, “survey generator,” but remember it can do so much more than create a survey.  Teachers can make quizzes and tests for students with a survey generator.  For example, instead of creating a quiz, compiling student answers, and then having to take those answers and go the next step to create an Excel graph to review results or statistics, a survey generator will do all of that.  Survey generators can save time and the teacher will receive the same results as if he/she entered all the data into a spreadsheet. 

Recommendation 2:  Web 2.0 tools and Web-based assessment tools

Tool:  Quizlet 

Web 2.0 tools and Web-based assessment tools, like Quizlet, are helpful because they are available anywhere there is a computer with Internet access.  The benefit of using this tool is that a teacher can generate a quiz or test and they are graded automatically.  This means the teacher could spend less time with the laborious task of grading and more time with using the results to guide instruction.  By alleviating the responsibility of grading to a computer, answers are checked and free from human error.  Teachers can then use the time that would have been given to checking to analyze the results to help with data-driven instruction.  This is a vitally important part of the assessment process and often neglected due to time constraints.

For further information, please visit the following site as one of the research articles used to establish the recommendations:

Web-based tools for teachers


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